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3 Signs You Should See Your Dentist Right Away

If you’re like most people, making a dentist appointment may not be at the top of your list of priorities. But while you might think that practicing good dental care at home can keep problems at bay, the reality is that the treatment you receive at your dental office plays a crucial role in maintaining […]

The Dangers of DIY Teeth Whitening Products

Although it’s recommended that most people make a trip to their dental office twice a year, much of our dental care routine is performed at home. After all, brushing and flossing is something we do on a twice-daily basis — and if used in conjunction with fluoride toothpastes and mouth rinses, these efforts can reduce […]

3 Signs You Need a Better Dental Care Routine

Many of us tend to take our teeth for granted. But if your dental care is lacking, you may soon find an urgent need to visit a dentist near Portland ME to address an oral emergency. It’s far better to recognize the signs of poor dental care before you make an urgent trip to your […]

Teeth Truths: Debunking Common Dental Care Myths

Most of us would like to have a bright and beautiful smile, but we don’t always do everything we can to achieve that goal. In fact, a 2018 survey by the American Dental Association found that 42% of Americans don’t see a dentist as frequently as they would like. And in many cases, the avoidance […]

Why Adults Skip the Dentist (And Why You Shouldn’t Follow Suit)

Most of us know that high-quality dental care is key to overall health. But too often, adults make the decision to skip their annual trip to the dental office. In fact, the CDC estimated that only 64.9% of adults visited their dentist during 2019, while around 31.6% of adults have untreated cavities. Ultimately, that means […]

4 Tips on Making Flossing Easier for Your Kids

Whenever you visit your family dentist, chances are high that you will be asked whether or not you and your family floss. The question is whether or not you’ll tell the truth! Too many people don’t floss as often as they should, and some don’t floss at all. But flossing is an important part of […]

4 Ways To Ensure Your Child’s Dental Health

Teaching your children how to take care of their teeth can be easier said than done. Habitual oral care doesn’t necessarily come as natural to some kids as it does others. It requires a lot of discipline and a set routine so that your child doesn’t forget to care for their teeth. Furthermore, there are […]

How Dental Care Differs Between Children and Adults

Across different age groups, jaws and teeth will develop at varying rates. This is part of the reason why family dentists often make recommendations based on the patient’s physiological stage of development. Therefore, parents need to understand that there are unique dental requirements for their children that may differ from their own needs. Dental Care […]

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