3 Signs You Need a Better Dental Care Routine

dental care

Many of us tend to take our teeth for granted. But if your dental care is lacking, you may soon find an urgent need to visit a dentist near Portland ME to address an oral emergency. It’s far better to recognize the signs of poor dental care before you make an urgent trip to your dental office. Here are just three signs that you need a better dental care routine — and that you should see your family dentist before any of these issues get worse.

Your Teeth Are Patchy or Stained

Stained teeth may be relatively common, but that doesn’t mean this is a normal occurrence. Your teeth can become more stained or yellowed over time due to diet, as acidic foods and beverages can change the color of your tooth enamel. While you can ask your dentist about whitening treatments, you may also need to consider that there could be other underlying issues that lead to tooth discoloration. White patches that show up on teeth can often be the first sign of decay; ignoring these patches could certainly result in the formation of cavities. And if you notice that one of your teeth is becoming dark in color, that could indicate nerve damage that should be addressed. No matter what, staining and discoloration aren’t inherent signs of a healthy smile — so you’ll want to talk to your dentist if you notice any of these issues.

Your Gums Bleed When You Floss or Brush

Brushing too hard could potentially result in pain or even bleeding gums. But if this happens every time you floss or even when you brush gently, you may have gingivitis or another type of gum disease. This is actually pretty serious business, as adults over the age of 35 lose more teeth to periodontal (gum) disease than they do from cavities. Inflamed gums often have bacterial buildup (typically due to a lack of oral care), which is often what leads to bleeding. In turn, bleeding gums can make you more vulnerable to other health issues. Gum disease can also lead to receding or pocketed gums, which can make tooth loss more likely. If you notice you bleed regularly during your dental care routine, it’s time to talk to your dentist to figure out the best steps to take.

You’re Experiencing Oral Pain or Discomfort

Overall, you shouldn’t experience oral pain or discomfort. Healthy teeth and gums don’t cause physical irritation, so these sensations are usually your body’s warning system that something is wrong. Toothaches, jaw pain, mouth sores, and other issues could very well indicate that you need to upgrade your dental care regimen or that there’s another medical issue that should be addressed. Even if you suspect that you have a simple cavity or sensitive teeth, you should schedule an appointment with your dentist to take a look. These problems are easier and less expensive to fix when they’re caught early, so don’t delay and risk being in agony.

You may not love making a trip to the dentist, but we know that good oral health sets a strong foundation for general wellness. If any of these signs sound familiar — or it’s been more than a year since your last dental appointment — contact us today at (207)767-3211 for an appointment.