Wet or Dry: Which Flosser is Better?

brighter smile

Dental health is an essential part of overall physical healthcare. It’s critical that dental health includes brushing your teeth and flossing. Also, when flossing, it is recommended that you use about 18 inches long waxed floss. This is no secret. We have all heard about the importance of flossing for years. However, a big question many have is should you use wet or dry floss to get a brighter smile.

Ease of Use
In general, a water flosser is easier to use because it needs less manual dexterity. It also takes around a minute to clean the entire mouth with a water flosser to get a brighter smile. While water flossers tend to have high upfront costs, once you purchase it, the only thing you need is water. You can use a mouth rinse if you would like, but you don’t have to. Anyone over the age of six can use a water flosser. Dental floss has some benefits over a water flosser. Dental floss is small and easy to carry. Dry floss does not require batteries, water, or maintenance.

Cleaning Appliances
A water flosser helps keep orthodontic appliances clean. However, they are often hard to keep clean, especially for young children or teenagers. There have been studies that show children under 17 that use a water flosser have less plaque than those that use dry floss and a toothbrush. There is even less plaque with a water flosser than a toothbrush alone. In addition to a reduction of plaque, those who use water flossers have less bleeding than those who use dry floss.

Best for Implants and Restoration

When people get restoration work and implants, they require proper maintenance to ensure they survive so you can keep a brighter smile. Water flossers are safe for use in this type of dental work. The stream of water from the flosser gently removes food debris and bacteria to help prevent inflammation and gum disease.

Regular flossing is often difficult for people to achieve regularly. In addition, there is often a lot of anxiety associated with visiting the dentist, especially for those who cannot floss properly. Water flossers make flossing easy and help to reduce the anxiety around dental care.

Regular dental care visits along with brushing and flossing will give you a smile that lasts a lifetime. To schedule your next dental checkup please contact us today at (207) 767-3211.